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We do it at home alone 3

Herbal recipes for home pharmacy, beauty salon and lingerie.

Ingeniously simple ideas that work!

Grow, grow, grow, grow. The Third Book We do it at home ourselves is like our present lives, full of children, garden shelters and herb making. This time it turns around what grows around our houses and what we do not normally use. When one knows, it is enough to stretch out a hand, to tear, to pour out, to collect and to continue to do just the very miracles.

We do it at home 3 our own home pharmacy, drugstore, beauty salon and larder that grows behind the house. Besides, herbarium. Kozlík, kostival, kakost ... It sounds like a spell. With this narrative book, you already know this three and forty other herbs, shrubs and trees a) you always know b) you always find it because you will know when and where to go and c) you always use it to the last ticket because you will know what they have effects and on what part of the human body their power to target. We will boil them, cook them, dispose of them in oil or leach in alcohol, dry them, and make a herb with our family and children to make fun of us

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